Welcome to "La Pagina en La Puerta"

The library is back in its original doorway. Children were quite excited to enjoy reading, doing homework, and playing in the library's new home! Whether it be one of our over 3000 books in our fiction and non-fiction library; or one of our many puzzle books or Where´s Waldo in the gameroom, children know that they can count on finding a book no matter where they are in the library!

Several children found it quite comfortable doing their homework in the new homework room on the main floor. They loved being able to take off their shoes to go up to the reading room where they can sit in a quietly at a table or on a cushion on the floor.

It was quite exciting to find away to build the library while still having a way to get into my house. The solution was to build 12 meters above our narrow 17m by 2 meter entry -- and it worked.